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Trail Kilkenny Guided Walks

Trail Kilkenny is an award winning, non-profit company that formed in 2006 as a result of the work of BNS Rural Development, one of the predecessors of Kilkenny LEADER Partnership, in the rural tourism and walking trail development sector. Trail Kilkenny offers activity trails around the county that are designed to encourage you to get out and explore the countryside.  Scenic walks are varied; through woodland, over pastoral lands and along country laneways.

Trail Kilkenny features 9 loop walks.  For the Outdoor Festival, Trail Kilkenny will be featuring FREE guided walks along two of the loop trails.   So get some friends together and discover Kilkenny’s countryside with an experienced guided.  Enjoy!

Freshford Guided Walk:
Walk and Picnic

Gather the family for a relaxing 8 km Guided walk  with Tyndall Mountain Club Guide, Jimmy Healy.  Walk along the Nuenna River and through a lovely broad leaf woodland.  Bring a picnic for refreshments on the Freshford Green.

When:  Monday, 2nd July

Time:   11:00am

Age Group:  All ages

Distance:  8kms

Bring:  Walking boots, rain gear, fluids, mobile phone

Meet at:  Freshford Green

Price:  FREE

Jenkinstown Guided Walk
Walk and Picnic

Explore the Jenkinstown woodlands on a 4km summer walk with Tyndall Mountain Club Guide, Jimmy Healy.  Bring along a picnic to enjoy in this beautiful setting.

When:  Monday, 9th July

Time:   11:00am

Age Group:  All ages

Distance:  4kms

Bring:  Walking boots, rain gear, fluids

Meet at:  Jenkinstown Park

Price:  FREE

Contact:  Harry Everard
Tel:   086 0485553
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